Kudos on the new site

very much like the direction y’all are going with the website. looking very nice and responsive on my phone


Love the layout Luis! Thanks for all of your hard work in putting this together and maintaining it all these years.

Yes I agree it loads so much smoother to. I only wish it would let me keep my user name and not have switched it to my actual name.

Thanks guys!

It wouldn’t be possible without the community and everyone that has made it possible to keep it going this far.

@jordan-parker I think I can help you with the username, send me a PM of what you would like.

in your account settings you should be able to rename your user name,

Wow, nice design, congrats on that!

I can’t seem to change my username.

Hello Jeff,

I have changed something in the settings. Let me know if you are able to change it now.

Now remember, if you happen to change the username, is not just for display purposes. It will be your new username for login also.

dont like the new design, sorry.

its to much one color , cant focus on a comment without wandering to the next and way slower then the old page.

have to wait 10 secs + sometimes to load a section.

That’s the thing, people get used to what they have used for years and don’t like change but in the long run will begin to see how much better it is.

Might not be the case for everyone but for a lot it will be, this is also pretty much future proof and is way better than the old software which really wasn’t a forum software as such and it’s very early days, i’m sure things might get even better but then if they don’t I can live with this.

Wonder what made Lutechi go for a new approach :stuck_out_tongue:

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@spoony you indeed push me to do the move for the new approach lol. Thanks for suggesting to move to a forum platform and I think it turned out pretty awesome. :tada:

I have been looking for years around and didn’t had the time or knew how to start the move. Is intimidating trying to move a database and hit a wall cause most other platform migration scripts don’t work smoothly. But painfully made it to work this time after many nights and here we are now.

To improve the speed it requires a faster setup which I can’t afford annually without monetizing the site. The old site might of being slightly faster as a static site, but was lacking in many levels.

But we can’t expect to please everybody of course and nobody is forced to use this site as they can always find alternatives. Feedback is always welcome, especially when it also helps on how to solve the problem. :+1:

Lutechi, Thanks for the help, it worked!

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Well I like the new site, much more advanced than the old site. Yes hosting costs can be a killer so just donated a small amount as a thanks, would hate to think I have you paying out more costs due to my suggestion to move.

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