Kyrian Havoc (for the time tanks want to dps!)


Usage Information

Please Run @250ms
Use ALT for Darkness: AOE DMG Avoidance
Use SHIFT for Metamorphosis: DPS Major CD

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.00-1.

I created this macro because I Main a Vengeance DH but needed a good Havoc DPS macro when I wasn’t tanking and doing quest farming. It seems to work really well. On swarm dummies in Bastion I am hitting 25 to 30kdps pop and settles to 18kish.

Anyway, in block path 6.1 you can replace Elysian Decree with whatever other covenant you want

The only thing the macro is missing Consume Magic but I couldn’t find a way to add it that didn’t drastically lower the DPS output.

Cheers! Let me know if anyone tries it out and how you like it.

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this one is havocs post !

What do you mean @oiciniv ? He posted a Havoc macro here, not a Veng :slight_smile:

Best Regards

@oiciniv they said:

so they are posting in the right place.

@TyBuck sorry to ask this, i get confused sometimes, so are you running this in Veng spec?

@Siodar This is for Havoc spec, but I main Vengence. I don’t want to switch to Venthyr when I want to DPS so I created this macro for when I switch to Havoc, none of the other macro’s here seemed to be tailored to a “Havoc-on-the-weekend” player type like me

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thank you just wanted to know if i should switch specs for this.

i like it, thanks for making the macro

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I’m using the eyebeam leggo and it’s clipping eyebeam every time.

@Agrolicious Hmmm, that is weird. I just looked at the macro and all lines but ALT Darkness and SHIFT Metamorphosis have the [nochanneling]

I will try and farm torghast today and make the leggo and do more troubleshooting on it. Do you have a use trinket in slot 2 by chance? I noticed when I uploaded the macro that trinket #2 is on always use - that might do it as well.

Ok, it seems that if you are fighting a mob with low health and start eye beam cast, if the mob dies the macro will target another mob. When it does this it seems to clip eye beam. I never noticed this because my macro only runs when i hold down the mouse button and when eye beam casts I usually let off of it. Are you running the macro constantly?

macro is nice. but @100 it runs better.

by me @250 = 18k dps
@100 = 22 k dps

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