Latency and GCD

This applies to any GS macro.
There was a post over the weekend that discussed latency (ping) and I questioned about the GCD (Global cool-down) factor.

Has anyone put together any kind of tutorial that factors in

  1. Ping
  2. GCD
  3. other factors I’m missing

Right now there’s a lot of guesswork for the MS delays in the macros. I was wondering if there’s a more scientific way to dial in the delays.

Just curious… and bored. I forgot my personal laptop, so no WoW for my lunch break today :frowning:

I have always argued That GCD and cast times have always played a factor in skill usage.

Most skills have a 1.5s GCD
Manual DPS has about 1.3 second delay with OK haste
Caster DPS are limited to cast times avg is around 1.7s to 2.4 (Chaos Bolt being one of the longest) minus procs.
Tank GCD is 1s

This is why i believe that using macros at avg 80ms spam time is pointless… it is handy i guess for procs like Lava Burst.

+15ms for your latency only makes a real difference with sleep as sleep delay is never truly what you set it to, there is always a tolerance here at play.

I know if i set my latency to +15ms from my own i still get kicked from the server for spamming too fast. My latency to WoW is 8ms.