Lazy Leveling with Zygor In-Game Guides

Many moons ago, I was not as lazy but I wanted to be efficient while questing or doing WoW things especially when time is hard to come by.

I used to use some addons to help level but they were not polished enough, kept looking for more until I found what I consider “my husband” is Zygor and it tells me what to do in-game LOL and I love it…


Tired of thinking where to go or where you left off is a breeze to pick up no matter what quest you were and don't have to alt-tab as much cause it has guides for almost everything if not everything.

The lazy way of using a waypoint finder in-game after a tiring day at work or just want to chill without too much brainpower.


The interface is pretty simple once you pass the initial learning curve which is very intuitive already.


If you are lazy like me and want to use your time wisely or just want some extra relaxation and knowing where everything is at the push of a button in your interface on Shadowlands or Classic try Zygor for free, I have used it for many years and swear by it.

A must-have for Classic and Shadowlands new content.