Legendary BM Hunter

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Thanks for sharing ill check it out tonight.

is this your macro that you made or some one elses that you have posted just the name on 1st macro is BMSOLO i have seen that name b4
i am just asking btw

i will have a look at them both laters thanks for posting them

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Macro looks a lot like Asobunny’s.

Also its not the macro that achives 2 k rio, thats a load of crap, its the player.
You also prolly reach 90 % with any macro here if your gear / stats are that good :slight_smile:

mend pet in the aoe?

no misdirect in the solo one?

trinkets off as well

aoe hardly keeps up frenzy stacks

ill stick to what i know :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway for the contribution.

this is Asobunny’s. macro

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Stealing someone elses macro and claiming it as your own with no credit given should be a bannable offence…just my 2 pennies.

DM Asbo about this on discord.

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