LEGION’s BALANCE DRUID - SMALL UPDATE TO ST & MYTHIC+ MACRO - Patch 10.2.5 (Updated 30/01/2024)

Currently the Destruction Warlock macro is the best performing in terms of single target damage. But the balance single target is close behind.

i love your macros i was wondering if you could do a feral st and aoe one if keep up the great work

I will DM you the feral st macro that is currently a work in progress if you want to test it out.

macro runs smooth. i havent ran tests yet against sims yet but will let you know

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on request if you can split single macros to aoe please many don’t like to use mods like me thanks

Sure. All you have to do is rename the macro, this will create a copy of it with the new name. Then edit out all the aoe spells from the original. Open up the copy you renamed and edit out all the single target spells. Now you have 2 macros, one for single target and one for aoe.

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MS changed from 60 to 30. Removed one wrath from the cast sequence to help sunfire/moonfire not fall off as often.

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Your first post talent doesn’t work anymore

I’ll update now. But in the meantime refer to the picture.

@LEGION_MACROS yep that’s what i do and just want to let you know :smiley: also if you have some free time could you split ST and AOE macro too that would be totally awesome thank you so much <3

Edit: nvm i edit your macro, now dont have to press Shift for AOE


LEGION’s BALANCE DRUID (MYTHIC+ MACRO AoE) Dont need to hold Shift anymore

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ggg nice macro good nice

This is my first venture in to lazy macros and GSE. I’m not 100% sure I’m doing everything correctly but I have some questions about some issues I’m having.

1.(Solved) The rotation seems to prefer going into lunar vs solar. Seems strange considering its the ST profile/macro. (Meaning holding shift should bring you into lunar as a modifier and not into solar.){My understanding of this might be a bit ignorant, guessing there is limited logic you can use to know what to cast and this is more of a “cast priority list” vs a “casting logic” type system.

This issue was a misunderstanding on my part on how the cast sequence works. To help call out when the player should be pressing shift I setup a weak aura.

How it Works

You will see two text messages that show up and a sound alert. The first alert is to let you know your Eclipse is about to end and a new one will start soon. At this point you should be hitting and holding shift. Once your current Eclipse ends you will hear a bell chime you should be holding shift till this chime stops. That’s it. This will get you the best single target performance from this GSE profile.

Weak Aura Import Code

  1. It seems to refresh Moonfire and Sunfire very early. 13 to 15 seconds or more on average left on the dot before each refresh. How would I add time or more casts of Wrath before it attempts to recast Sunfire and Moonfire.

  2. This may be intended but it will cast full moon at anytime an not hold it till you are in both lunar and solar eclipse the preferred time to cast it.

  3. I’m not 100% sure if I should be letting the macro cast the opener or if it even does cast the opener. Or if I should be casting an opener manually and then start the macro press after its completed.

Regardless of the other issues so far with a 461 ilvl and the previous and current season 2p set I pull 115k on a single target dummy. Using raid bots to SIM single target 3min patchwork (NO RAID BUFFS ONLY MARK BUFF) i get 133k Simed. 86% Sim efficiency. I’d say not bad.

[Coagulated Genesaur Blood] and [Nymue’s Unraveling Spindle] are my current trinket.

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@LEGION_MACROS seems the talent code have gone out dated. just wanted you to know.

  1. Simply add another cast of wrath in the line where it casts moonfire/sunfire followed by wrath.

  2. No real work around this since all 3 stages of the moon spells share the same ID, can’t put a hold on Full Moon without it holding the other 2 stages. These kind of precise timings are better suited to playing the game manually.

  3. You can ignore the opener for now, not sure it is any better than just letting the macro run normally from the opening of the fight.

I’m more than happy with 86%. If this was the only macro I have to work on I could probably improve it to over 90% but my time is stretched thin at the moment.

But thanks for the in-depth feedback, it gives me lots to consider for the future updates.

I think it might be best if I just go through all my posts and check the talent links.

I was struggling to get into solar eclipse and then realized I had bound the SHIFT button. Once I unbound that button everything seems to be working as expected. Started having some hand and finger pain and this will hopefully let me keep playing with my friends, TY!

Although the shift button is still not working sometimes, any idea what would cause that?

EDIT: Seems to be an issue with Autohotkey and the macro I wrote. Maybe I should use razor synapse instead.

Small update to the ST Macro. This new update is currently being tested and isn’t finalized.

Added a new link for anyone wanting to donate towards my work.


Mythic+ Macro and Talents now updated.

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hello I’m new here I hold down the shift key and click on the macro but nothing happens

Which macro? and do you have a target?