LEGION’s BALANCE DRUID - SMALL UPDATE TO ST & MYTHIC+ MACRO - Patch 10.2.5 (Updated 30/01/2024)

I put the mannequin in Target but it doesn’t do anything

I don’t even know how to use it at all

Do you have GSE downloaded?

everything is loaded, the macro is placed on the panel, and a button is assigned

It seems to have worked, but why does he constantly spam moon and solar fire when the pillboxes weigh?

Not sure what you are saying sorry.

2 or more targets need to cast anger to enter the lunar eclipse, but you don’t have it

Fixed the ST Split and AOE Split macro to now include wrath and starfire to go into solar and lunar eclipse.

Delete the old macros and reload the new updated ones.

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you using Elvui? if so, that addon uses the shift for its own purpose. you will need to go into the addon and turn it off.

Im having trouble getting this one close to SIM on the test dummy. Using the ST macro I am getting about 65-70%. Is this just because of the randomness of the spec? Im pretty much blowing cooldowns after both dots are on the target then holding shift to proc eclipse when it runs out. Maybe I just dont get the class im not sure. Anyone have any ideas that would assist in increasing the damage?