LEGION’s WINDWALKER MONK - ST Macro & OPENER UPDATED - Patch 10.2.5 (Updated 24/02/24)

It was faeline. Normally it fires with the old name anyway without update.

i see its in the opener macro. testing that now.
i think i found it. for some reason it was not firing; i changed the name and now it works.

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Can we get an update on this if you don’t mind? Also i noticed sometimes it sits at 10 stacks of First of Fury but not firing that often, same with the Spinning Crane Kick proc, is just wasting procs, maybe the timers are a bit delayed or something else.

You are rock. Thank you so much mate. I am happy with my monk now :slight_smile:

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He still don’t have an update on this, most of the build are using Bonedust Brew, does anyone have an updated version of it?

Only just came back 3 days ago from a 3 month break. Slowly updating as I get more gear for my toons. Unfortunately monk is about middle of my list of updates.

Please dont ask for a updated version of a macro, from other people, in the creators thread. make your own thread and ask there.


Small update to the Talents for both ST and Mythic+ Macro. Still working on fixing the updating the macros themselves.

Added a new link for anyone wanting to donate towards my work.



Thanks, your Macro is one of the best. If it helps its easier to modify it in Raw Edit Mode.

Yesterday I tried to push a bit with my monk which is far from having the best gear, and that’s how it came out. From start to finish the macro had zero problems without any stops.

I run it at 40ms with AHK and 40ms GSE addon.

Was far from being a perfect run, too many deaths, a lot of downtime, died straight after pressing the offensive CD’s, but overall I was happy with the result as we timed the key.

DOTI: Galakrond’s Fall 25

That’s great! What talents were you using?

Bonedust brew talents. I’m always following the ugg website or archon for updated builds and such. Manually pressing Bonedust Brew and also Xuen + Potions. The run was scuffed badly as it has the worst trash in the entire expansion but it came out ok.

Single Target and Opener macro updated. Still working on fine tuning them both + a decent AoE macro.