You guys know gnome is working on test legion now!

i have started on a version of GS for Legion. There are a few changes with extra information you can store for a macro - things like author and spec etc. (At the moment its an all in one mix of Legion and non Legion macros and works in 6.2. I have been playing a Ret Pally on Legion and have only created the one macro for that)


The part I am working on right at this moment is creating the ability for GS to be 2 mods. A core and then optional Macro packs.

Update to this:

GSE is now ready for Legion. I am building a first off Macro Pack add in that can be used as a sample on how to create macro packs and wondered if anyone wanted to contribute some starter/levelling macros that can be distributed with GSE.

Ive also added a video on the changes from GS to GSE - https://youtu.be/CpR3yCGY8zg

I just added a prot Legion macro also.