Let the Void Consume You - Shadow Priest 8.2.5 - Mythic+ // Raiding //

deleted … peace out community


i got ‘‘unable to interprit sequence’’ when tried to import

make sure you import the entire sequence

double click and scroll sideways to make sure

I have a slightly different problem. Every time i try to import the macro it just doesnt show up. I dont get an error message or something I just click “import” after pasting your macro line in and nothing happens. The import window closes and im back in the main menu where i normaly can chosse between the macros but the problem is, yours wont show up there.

Try it now … I somehow copy and pasted incorrectly b4 or something

It´s working like a charm now. Thank you very much.

wow performs very well, but i dont think the null is working in gse doesnt refresh dots when they run out :S

removed . no longer valid

removed. no longer valid

Any mythic parses? Thinking about swapping mains if I can get a good shadow priest setup. Currently playing bm

of course your results will vary


You posted a newer version, but then you took it down??? Was it not working?

yes i uploaded an incorrect and incomplete version … the two up now are new updated ones

Ah! Thank you, man!!!

running at 10ms but seems to be clipping alot of mind flays, is this normal operation?

Mind flay is only filler, you want to clip it to cast Mind blast and Void eruption as soon as they are off cool down

aww ok, thanks for the info

With 430 and 24 Crit 23 Haste, 19 Mast, 4 Ver, i can get the same dps in raid and M+, for 2 3 or more target i can get better results, for maxim dps change talents and use manually the ST Build and the macro :slight_smile:

Are you saying you changed talents? If so, what did you change?

Yeah , for max DPS, i use twist of fate and Shadow Crash, of cursei run the macro and use Shadow Crash on CD manually each i can use in the target.