Level 4/5ish Warrior Macro

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This is another low level Battle Stance Macro. I started this one at level 4/5 updating as I went through levels.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.23.

I used this on my Troll so take out the Berserking line if playing another class.

PreMaco cast Battle Stance – not needed at early level but I put it in there for future.

Key Press – Cast Berserking and charge

Sequence – cast Heroic strike then shift for Battle Shout and/or ctrl for Rend

key release is startattack.

Since there is no way to really tell if Battle Shout and Rend are applied on you or the mob, I chose to just offset them with mod keys. I played with a high numbers inner loop then casted them on the key press but that didn’t ever give me the option to cast them when needed. So I feel the alturnite key was the best choice here…

you can feather in more as you level…