Level 70 Feral Druid Macro

I need Help.

I was wondering if anyone can put together or Take certain attacks/abilities out of a already made macro for a Level 70 feral druid.

Atm i have this one :

/castsequence [stealth]reset=combat Ravage,Savage Roar,Pounce,Faerie Fire,null
/castsequence reset=target Rake,null
/console autounshift 0
/castsequence [@player, combat] reset=0.5 0,0,Healing Touch
/console autounshift 1
/castsequence [mod: alt]reset=0.5 0,1,Swipe
/castsequence [mod: alt][combat,nostealth]reset=target Mangle,Rip,Rake,Thrash,Mangle,Mangle,Savage Roar,Mangle,Swipe,Faerie Fire,Mangle
/castsequence [combat,nostealth]reset=target Mangle,Rip,Rake,Thrash,Mangle,Mangle,Savage Roar,Mangle,Shred,Faerie Fire,Mangle
/cast !Ferocious Bite
/use [combat,nostealth]Tiger's Fury
/use [combat,nostealth]Berserk
/startattack [combat,nostealth]
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

If someone can Change it to meet a level 70 req that would be Great.