Leveling a Frost Mage from level 20-120

I know this may be too lazy, even for this forum, but are there macros that help you level from 20+? I’m finally getting around to playing a Mage (Frost) and would like to lazy mode level.



Usually whenever I would level an alt this is what I do:

  • I pick someone’s macro and start eliminating spells / abilities that I do not have yet.

  • Then I would try to add them where they fit as it goes. I do not think there is any easier way at this moment.

I think the most lazy way you could do is to put all the spells on single /cast lines and I believe if you do not have them yet they should get automatically skipped. (This might work, might have to test it)

But pretty much you will be making it your own in the end as you grow.

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Thank you very much for the response. I was able to cobble together a macro and it’s working well. Good advice.

china work? tell me 有中文版本么?

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