Leveling macro help

Evening all!

I’m new to macros, I stopped playing WoW back in '08 and never needed one.

I’ve read a couple of the guides, watched a couple videos and frankly I can’t grasp it.

I am trying to make a Macro to

1: Tiger Palm
2: Tiger Palm
3: Fist of Fury
4: Blackout Kick

Nothing to complicated but with the global cool downs, and being new to all of this I am lost can’t get it to do anything.

Can anyone point me at like a GSE for dummies’ guide or something?


Lutechi’s macros are made for leveling. Try his out.

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Will check them out, do I need to mod them or just drag and drop (so to speak)?

drag the icon on the right to the spot you want to use for the macro.

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They are mostly Drag and Drop - they were written for 50-60 retail so you may have some quirks < 50

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Thanks ya’ll it is working as good as possible for being lvl 22.

His are pretty solid leveling-wise but you in theory could any macro on here and just replace/remove spells/abilities as needed while leveling up.

or disable the blocks.