Lewin Bm Shadowlands Single Target Multi Target Macro's. 12/5/20 updated

Cleaned up a bit more for Shadowlands.

good macro, but how can i change that the aoe macro picks next target automatically?

met an issue with aoe when you have low crit: macro stucks on row 2 right at barbed shot. macro doesnt have enough procs to continue rotation, so its just sits there and waits for barbed shot cooldown and dont cast multishots to keep beastcleave active.

any idea on how to fix this? i tried to add multishot to some places arond, but none have worked as it just burns my focus down

To be honest with you I’m having the same issue towards the end of the Br rotation. Personally I have just been keeping Cobra shot on another button and dumping focus during that point

Hopefully when we can get a little more crap from read gear you’ll actually be able to switch the towns back. Beast master just loves crit

Is there any way to avoid Auto Shot in this macro ?, my Damage Detail Meter showed Auto Shot dealt like 50% of total Damage on every rotation.

Steady Shot
BM dont use that anymore

How do you select which number to use please? I want to try it for questing

You dont choose, it take the number itself depending if you are in pve, pvp, group, raid, …

For BM at least in Gse it gets replaced with cobra.

Haste then crit are the best stats now.

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i see 3 macros but how to you take say questing macro and add that instead of the raid one, i see under the tabs it says 1 2 3 so do you hit tab 3 then drag the icon down to the bar?

They switch automaticly.

Very nice macro but i keep messing upp placement of Wild Spririt. I want to take it out without messing upp the cast of Aspect of the wild. Do i change /castsequence to /cast ?

no take out the at cursor part

Macro will be much better if taking out multishot, only use that on packs, to dump focus use arcane shots
Arcane is extream strong agains singletargets

No, no. NO NO NO. Arcane Shot should NEVER be used. Ever. Period. Pretend it doesn’t even exist in your Spellbook.

It does less damage than Cobra Shot and does not have the extra bonus in reducing Kill Command.

Look here:https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/beast-mastery-hunter-pve-dps-rotation-cooldowns-abilities
And here: https://www.wowhead.com/beast-mastery-hunter-rotation-guide
No where on there is Arcane Shot in ANY rotation. ST or AoE.

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Cobrashot are in the macro, and all im saying is that arcaneshot should be use to dump fucus insted of multishot
try arcane … its strong

Updated with new talents. about a 5-10% dps Boost.

how do i put that macro in?

Every time i copy and paste it into the macro spot in wow my character just says it, I am new to macros could someone please help?