LF Blood dk wotlk classic

any beta creators made blood dk yet ? 55-70/80

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If there’s none posted then you might have to create one yourself.

I have begun to update mine and create others for prepatch/beta
They are far from ready tho as GSE doesant work properly yet for these versions makeing even simple macros a pain to import/export, update, and save.

ill update my pastebin with everything i have for retail, tbc, prepatch and beta soon


Can i get your pastebin link pls…thanks

Yeah, Pastebin link plz and ty

I havent updated it in a long time.
the only functional macros I have atm is wotlk classic, prot pal, ret pal and bm hunter
as for dragon flight ive tinkered with guardian druid and prot pally, neither are max level.

dont think my old pastebin would be of any use atm.