LF new single target raid build from wowhead

Hello I am looking for a new updated macro that works with the new single target raid build on wowhead


nothing has changed since the launch of 10.0.5 in terms of talents so you should be good with any BM macro that has had an update in 6 months or so :wink:

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Well if you look at whatever talents they suggest on any of the macros compared to the one I linked they are very much different.

what you will see is that most people suggest the M+ talents in their macro’s but I know for a fact that gaupanda’s has a macro specific for raiding which can get you purple/orange parses on most bosses, and yes it does include bloodshed and dire beast. Zerg’s macro’s also include bloodshed and dire beast so you should have no problem running them with the talents you linked.
no offense but it looks like you skipped the reading and trying out part of things.


YOu can also run Paul Duk’s ST macro too …his rocks and has been steady for at last 8 months too