Linux alternative to AHK?

Hello there. I’ve looked a bit thro the forums here and last post I found about it is 2 years old. Any Linux users here that have a working program like AHK :slight_smile: ? Any tips and directions you can point me in so I can use the macro’s again that I love <3 Windows kinda went “Nope, screw you!” and died, tried formatting etc so I just booted up Ubuntu without issues and figure its the univers way of saying “This is what you need to use!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Not too sure as I do not use Linux myself but I think this might help:

have been trying to get this to work and currently not getting it to work xD

If you are looking for a simple option you can try Punchkey this is what I use.

Where can I find Punchkey? I’ve tried finding it but can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

Punchkey - Lazy Macros / User Interface Add-ons - WoW Lazy Macros A person named eldorann had the download link in his post and his post was 6 from the bottom. But the only bad thing about Punchkey if you hold a mod like shift, ctrl or alt it stops the macro you have to release the mod for it to channel through your abilities.