List of GSE actions?

Im wondering if there is a list of actions GSE is capable of doing?

As of right now I have my macro that is pretty dumb, I see other macros that have many actions and features but I would like to know what each of them actually does before using them and using them in my own macros.

I saw that pause is a new one that we started using that pauses the whole macro, I was wondering if instead of pausing the whole macro is there a way to just skip the spell instead of pausing the whole macro. Would make things with multiple charges or actions like Consecration which has an uptime of 10s but a CD of 3s be used more efficiently. Also to go with that, I have seen new target being a reason to reset the use of Consecration is there any way to make it where you move instead? Anytime you move it will reset the ability to use it?

Trying to really get the most out of GSE and really want to fine-tune my macros to fit exactly what it is I do and I know that isnt exactly what everyone else does which is why im trying to find out all the features GSE has to offer so I can try and make a macro that suits my needs.

Not sure if there is a list, but to answer your questions with Consecration, you could try the following

PreMacro - Consecration
PostMacro - Consecration
Set Inner Loop Limit to be close to the 10 secs CD

Set Macro to Resets on Combat

This should now only cast Consecration per Loop Limit and this will reset each time you enter new Combat


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