Logitech g815 Help

I have used a logitech g510 keyboard for the last 10 yrs to play WoW and run my macros. It finally died on me and I had to replace it . I bought this G815 which is a beautiful keyboard but im running into an issue with it. I cant seem to adjust my macro firing speed. I go into the Ghub and try to adjust it but as soon as I get back in game the macro seems to be firing way too fast. If anyone just happens to use this keyboard please tell me how to fix this. Thank you.

I dont have it, but i think you need to set your keystroke for 250msec :

125 keypress up ( on release ) + 125msec keypress down ( on press ) .

Basically u need to set for a total of 250ms for the entire action ( while holding i think does not have any use ) in the software of a keyboard ( ONLY while setting msec )

Maybe this random image found in the web can help you.


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Ok i followed your directions and the macro fires at the speed I want it to outside of WoW but once in game its still firing way faster. There used to be a way to adjust macro speed inGSE something about using external timing or something like that. I will see if i can find it in the options.

Somewhere inside the options should be something u need to link them to your wow.exe

Or create a profile choosing the wow process.

That is probably what your missing.


That setting doesn’t work the way you are hoping. That is used by GSE to be able to count time. GSE has no control over how fast or slow you click. If you are clicking at 50ms and that setting is 250ms then gse thinks that after 5 clicks 1.5 seconds has passed when only 250ms has gone by.