Looking for 2 Situational Macros (MacroToolkit)

Can someone help me out with this?

I basically need 2 macros:

1. An “On pull” macro to use between 80% and 100% health that uses AMoC on CD, Chimaera Shot on CD, Barrage on CD and then a Rapid Fire rotation on CD that spams Aimed Shot until focus starved.

2. A “79% to DEATH” macro that prioritizes the x2 Kill Shots above all else and then basically continues using AMoC on CD, Chimaera Shot on CD and Barrage on CD and Aimed Shot being spammed when everything else is on CD.

I would use Steady Shot x3 (or x4?) times consecutively MANUALLY whenever I’m focus starved and/or right before Rapid Fire comes off the CD so I can top off my Focus and get in as many Aimed Shots as possible (for the Steady Focus buff).

I would use Macro 1 during Careful Aim and Rapid Fire only and use Macro 2 the rest of the time.

Are those two macros possible? Or am I asking for too much from two macros like this? I’m trying to optimize and simplify at the same time. Not sure if this is possible with a couple macros though. I figure if I break it all up into THREE or FOUR separate buttons, I can get higher DPS out of my rotations.

I’ve tried out a few 1-button “all-in-one macros”, but I always miss something or something gets used at the wrong time and my DPS averages are literally all over the place. As an ilvl 655 Hunter, I’ve been anywhere between 21k and 14K on the Target Dummies and the Butcher, which is really unreliable. So, I figured splitting it up into two separate rotation macros with an independent Steady Shot sequence when I’m focus starved might make it work better.

I would possibly even toss in a stop-cast macro for Kill Shot and leave it as my 4th standalone macro so I can cancel out Steady Shot or Aimed Shot if I’m in the middle of casting it when KS comes up.

My Bars would look like this:

Button 1 - Macro 1: On Pull, 100% to 80% Health, Careful Aim/Rapid Fire rotation
Button 2 - Macro 2: 79% Health to DEATH, basic DPS rotation with x2 Kill Shots being priority when it comes up
Button 3 - Steady Shot by itself (nothing special)
Button 4 - Kill Shot /stopcasting macro, in case I need to force Kill Shot in the middle of a Aimed Shot or Steady Shot.

Oh, my spec is Night Elf Marksman Hunter (no racial bonus; no USEable trinkets atm):

3 - Crouching Tiger, etc…
1 - Binding Shot
2 - Iron Hawk
1 - Steady Focus
1 - A Murder of Crows
3 - Barrage
3 - Lone Wolf

-Using the Chimera Shot Glyph

Thanks for listening and thanks for helping if you can put those two macros together for me!