Looking for a 113x2x1 Macro

Hello guys im looking for DH Havoc 113x2x1 Macro since is the most played build in raid right now.

Can someone has made one ? i cannot find anything.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I would actually sim your toon first to see if those Talents from the suggested ones you have will actually give you more DPS…

Hello @Deezyl_Fizzlepop !

I already done that and i got like 1k more dps in the sims.

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Just so you are aware, just because you simmed that, does not mean a macro will get you there.


@vince-orlando i know but i use macros as help or when im lazy to play 100% that’s why im searching for one to adapt my talent build :slight_smile:

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its the new spec they are running

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Find a macro that suits the new build yet?

Sadlly no i try to do my own macro but sucks :frowning: i think just hope some experienced macro maker come and save us

I’m still using the old school no demons bite build and slapping with it even with venth just swap to the extended eyebeam haha