Looking for a Raid Bm macro

Looking for a macro that uses Bloodshed, ive attempted to edit and create my own and it seems to be utter failure.


Gave it to you on mine Discord

There a few BM macros out there have you tried them all? I am sure you can find one that is close to what you want and adjust to meet your needs.

Best thing I can say is try a few, find one that is near what you want, if you have trouble adjusting that macro, I am sure the creator can help you adjust it if you are having an issue. But without knowing what the issue is, I know I for one would be shooting in the dark trying to help without a base line, or core macro to start with. And that is just the starting point.

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I gave/showed it to him already. :slight_smile:

hmmm, Maybe he still having an issue, I guess, or the macro is not where he wants it and still having an issue adjusting it. It is still early and many are still getting their feet wet on talents/spells.
Sounds like he already asked you how to fix it, and you did… That is all you can do.

No harm in asking for help from others if they are still confused, we just need more info on what he is looking for other then one spell. Maybe as a collective we can find the help they need. I don’t know.

Yah, I know… what I meant that I helped him with that already. But, if he still having issue. I’m pretty sure anyone here can Help as well.

All good, I know you did, and would help anyone, not saying that. It is is more about the original poster asking for help but not really saying what they need help with, other then looking for a raid BM macro that uses bloodshed, but goes on saying they tried to create their own and edit one with failures. That is where many of us can help, or attempt to.

For me when someone is asking for help, I want to help, but if there are not details or issues I am not sure where to start.

Sounds more like they want a ready made macro good enough to raid with. I wish them well i guess.


I couldn’t agree with more than what you expressed. Well, to me I think it’s simple like when People used the terminology “help” or “look” to me as I interpreted like I need a macro with Bloodshed in there. It’s like Well done Beef steak. HAHAHAHA. Unless, they add a little instruction like, hey although I like it well done, but kind of Medium Rare or a little Juicy… add a little Herbs in there to spice it up. Then, I would go into details with them :slight_smile: Thanks Brother.

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Yeah thanks @gaupanda had posted before we go together on discord thank you.