Looking for a true 1 button affliction macro

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking, Im wondering if someone can make a true 1 button macro for affliction warlock.
Ive been struggeling with allot of afflict macro’s lately and I havent found a nice and stable one yet.

Does any of you have or can make a stable 1 button affliction Macro?

Im exited for the reactions,

Kind regards,

Diesels aff macro works very well

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For me its clipping allot :oden:

Think it clips spells to make sure adequate uptime on like unstable affliction…in reference to how spells like mind flay for spriests is just a filler til its time to replenish dots

Hello there @DeadlyData

Now be serious man… How many macros have u tried? or made by yourself?

For starters, u can use today newest affliction 8.3 , and for tomorrow u can use Warlock Afflliction Macro Shadowlands 9.0.1 - MOR3 DOTS ( both made by me )