Looking for assrogue pvp help

So i do alot of pvp and i was wondering if someone with the know how could make me a macro through here that uses the talent set up 1,2,3,1,1,2,1 please? so something like open with cheap shot>garrote>Vendetta>rupture>MFD>Envenom and into the basic rotation of spamming envenoms into rupture windows. Ive been a cancer patient for 6 years now and the lymphoma has taken its toll on my left arm sadly and doing my full rotation is becoming taxing. I would appreciate the help guys. Discord is Uzgul_at_Night#1766 if you cant gt back to me on here, this is my first time posting so hopefully all this is ok.

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Hi marshal-rudolph!! I am in the same boat! I also been a cancer patient too for 6 years mine is Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I will take a look and see what I can do for you no promises though as my PC died and I am using a crappy lappy waiting for new (cheaper) PC. I also don’t main Assrogue so I will have to have a look :slight_smile:

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man thats rough mines non-hodgkins =( shit sucks. i appreciate the help bud i really do. my fingers have just stopped wanting to work and this would help out a fuck ton.

What kind of PVP do you do? is it World PVP, Arena’s or BG?

I’ve spent a couple hours yesterday trying to get this right, the Rupture is a pain because if it’s in the Macro it tends to be the preference, got frustrated and had to stop, will re-look at it during the week.
If I make some progress I will share here so others can have a look and modify.

Try this m8 I don’t know how it’ll go but yeah. To use you need to hold SHIFT to do your opening sequence (At the start of combat) after that release shift and it’ll continue into the basic rotation. There will be no point to holding shift again as the cool down on MFD will cause it to stop there so I put the reset timer to match MFD. Vendetta will go off as combat starts and then on cool down.


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Hey man, I tried and have put something together in this link, give it a try and leave feedback on there and we can build on it.

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ill try these as soon as i can guys ty very much! been away with irl stuff just got back home. ill test em both shortly and try to get feedback toy ya tonight


maybe i biffed it but at 400 ilvl on a dummy it pushed 15k. ill try running it more

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for some reason this isint wanting to import

k ran it 5 times now i dont think i held down shift long enough got it up to 20k

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Sweet :slight_smile: yeah when holding shift down you are just looking for that MFD and Envenom to go off then release shift to go into your normal rotation

@marshal-rudolph did you go to the link or copy from this page? because its cut off on this page