Looking for good MM hunter Pve mythic plus/raiding macro

The MM macro I have been using seems to be now focus starving my hunter & at 240 item level I should be doing well over 7k ST dps but Im lucky to get 5k out Has anyone found one that is working really well?

Every macro will perform differently for other users. You’re best is to try them all out and go with the one that puts out the best DPS. Or make your own for even better DPS.

i would suggest Elfyau’s. I find his to be helpful and functional. Good Luck.

Nice sage advice. lol . not much help… try them all and make your own…another words, keep floundering and hang in there…from reading your posts, i see you are good at that. If all people were as talented as you and other macro makers on this helpful site…i guess there would be no reason for all of your quality talents in helping us untalented people that dont have the forte to write code get thru this. But hey…just a comment not a bone.

Hey deano. I’ll just leave this right here for you and others:


I’ve put a lot of hard work into it and maybe it’ll help someone.

Im using the Lonewolf 3.0 also 240 itlvl and i lucky if i get over 5k dmg. (venthyr) … I have issues with my hands so cant play as a normal player and been using Gse the last years to be able t play the game i love. also have dyslexia so wow is not a fiendly game for me at all since english is not my lang (swedish). but i seem to have same issue that as soon as the numbers get higher it just dies and the spells is not going out anympre… feels like focus reg just dies out… if you find out anything maby we can bash ur heads togheter and see if we can make a really nice and good macro? :wink:

What legendary are you using? Also a macro can only do so much. If you want high parses, parts of the macro have to be taken out and fired manually. I just make mine one button for the truly lazy players lol

These aren’t one size fits all. You aren’t going to get the same dps as others. So stop expecting it. That’s not how this works.

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nice thesis Deezyl… the wall of text and hypothesis are stunning… its good to have a breakdown of how it all works…thanks so much. :eyes: :grin:

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I applaud and respect all the efforts of all the macro writers on this forum…i have used most of them and still do… i find some that work better than others. I feel this site is help for those that are not coders or indepth players but still want to do the best they can or physically challenged in some way which i believe was the initial concept of all this in the first place. I know that there is a lot of theory crafting and the outcomes will be dependant due to certain constraints of each persons abilities. I get it. Im just suggesting that requested help should not be given with a staggering amount of ‘try them all then make your own’ or technical verbage that is a foreign language to a lot of us. Thats too much like telling someone if they want to know about history to read a book or look at pictures as a final answer. Anyway…im out on this. Its a moot point from now on. thanks to those that help. cheers :wink: