Looking for good parsing macro!

Anyone using a macro which does good for parsing in Uldir? Been testing the different macros posted but can’t really get em to do very well in raids. I know it’s hard to make but I managed to find one very good for Unholy and hoped for one for Frost!

It depends on a lot of factors. For 90%+ parses you need to know the Boss mechanics, pop up your CD´s manual and needs to have the best traits & stats >> Item Level. Even if these three variables match , you can get blue parses only (wrong Raidsetup, many deaths / slow kill, procs…).
I had very good results with Assassination Rogue, DH, BM Hunter. I am playing classes which have few cooldowns only.

Frost DK Fall behind UH in Uldir due to fighting structure, frost really excels in AoE so only CLeave like Zul first phase they may burst ahead then it falls off. frost will only get high parses in shorter fights due to its high burst window… while I can get high parses Frost in the current raid environment requires a lot of work that cant be captured by a macro. Ie player keeping uptime on the boss, cheesing mechanics and standing in shit to push the uptime.

with so many variables results will vary. As macros made are also limited to the Authors characters so unless you have identical gear and playstyle results will vary. while personally, I try to min-max my characters best I can RNGeezus rules us all. is why I avoid bragging about rankings.

Best thing to do is to see where the macro is failing and converse with the author and perhaps things can be refined. but to do that requires a lot of time and effort many simply refuse to do.

Currently, I am going through this with my Brewmaster and Prot warrior, by comparing to other tanks and see what can be improved if at all like active Mitigation uptime. other users have been back and forth privatly with details we brainstorm over.

If I’m available online some have tracked me down and we have grouped up and gone ham on a training dummy to compare things and tune on the fly also. that’s how my initial Breath of Sindra macro came about.

Thank you for the response. I understand this is nearly impossible to get to work in single macros. But I managed to make it work smoothly for UH and I still believe it’s possible to make it work somehow. I will continue to create/find something that works well!