Looking for Hight Threat Generator Fury Tank Macro for WOW Classic

Hello ppl.
I´m Looking for a macro to Fury Tank warrior Build to generates hight amount of threat if possible.
If you can help me i apreciate.
Thanks ppl.

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I need for Wow Classic.

@lloskka mate they are looking for Fury Prot macros for Classic. A retail macro won’t work here.

I’m playing a warrior in Classic but it’s deep prot at 11-5-35. Until someone spends the time to make a fury prot macro, there aren’t any to give.

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ohh jeez apologies sleep y eyes

deleting post in 3…2…1

might want to check this thread out

Been using that all the way to full AQ40 clears, just swap the Shield Slam from deep prot for BloodThirst only having 17point in Prot, for duel weld fury tanking. Just manually doing the Heroic Strike to manage rage better, and if you get to that point/fight that needs a shield, it uses shield block.