Looking for Leveling Macro from lvl 20 - lvl 1xx

been trying to find for one but not for 8.3

Elfyau's 8.3 Destro Warlock Macro **Updated 3-May-20** been updated and worked on regularly

so this is for low level as well ?

I’ve been playing with this Macro from about 20 and currently 35. So yes it does work fine with low levels. I do unfortunately see the macro lock up after some extensive use (unable to interact with UI or buttons - not sure why), but nothing a quick /reloadui doesn’t fix.

Keep in mind my issue could be due to a variety of things and you might not experience the same problem.

Overal Elfyau’s macro is great for DPS.

i used his from 20 to 110. always worked great.

stopped at 110 cuz only wanted the heritage armor. lol