Looking for MM Macros?

Been leveling as Bm but at 60 i want to go to MM as i have heard it has better DPS at 60. Is there anyone working on or can share a MM macro

Im respeccing to MM today, will whip you something up. it wont be automated, i REALLY hope someone can make an AHK to go with it, the trick would be to put no points in improved Aspect of the hawk, allowing for steady repeatable results. Its a big dps loss, but so is clippping shots.

This is what im thinking,

Target nearest living mob, or target of target if friendly, Hunter’s Mark, Send Pet, Bite, Start Auto Shot (or Serpent Sting)

Multi-Shot, (auto shot fires) Aimed Shot, (nothing) (nothing), (Aimed Shot fires) (autoshot Fires), Multi Shot, (auto shot fires), Aimed shot, (nothing) (nothing), (Aimed Shot fires) (autoshot Fires), Multi Shot, (auto shot fires), Aimed shot

Alternate version/pvp/weak mobs

Target, Hunter’s Mark, Send Pet, Growl, Bite, Start Auto Shot (Concussive Shot (serpent Sting with mod, mana drain sting with mod, scorpid sting with mod),

Arcane Shot, Multi shot off cooldown, refreshing sting at 15 seconds.

Adam, This is getting closer to what I seem to need.
In 60 level classic raids the request of me is the Following:
Auto shot, Aimed Shot, Multi-Shot, Auto Shot, Auto Shot repeat
HOW would you set this up in a Macro in GSE?

Except for specific bosses absolutely NO stings. The theory is the stings are weak buffs and interfere with other more critical buffs on bosses. Bosses have limits on Buffs
Except for some bosses no pets as they die too easily and drain mana.

Essential use of the pet is for Furious Howl when used

HOW would you set up the following Macro for Furious Howl in GSE?
/cast [modifier: Ctrl] Arcane Shot (Rank 1), Aimed Shot
/cast [modifier: Ctrl] Arcane Shot (Rank 1), Aimed Shot
As you know there is a main concern that Hunters should have less threat than Tanks at all times in Classic raids (unless they are tanking),
Hence Arcane shot is Rank 1.

Appreciate advice on set up on these.

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The Talents that are prized most at 60 with MM are Aimed Shot, Trueshot Aura, Scattershot in Marksmanship AND Surefooted in Survival x 3 for the hit. At least recommended by my Guild. So I reworked Talents at 60.

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