Looking for project

Have a on more day of vacation. Not sure what macro to work on next any ideas?

im having trouble using the new interface any chance you could make a rogue macro for me that casts symbols of death on keypress eviscerate as the key and marked for death on key release?

what spec is your rogue?

my rogue is subtlety

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im having issues with on keypress and key release with the new setup for the interface

I will see what I can do tomorrow

so you want a macro that just casts symbols of death, then eviscerate and then marks them for death after words?

or you want symbols, mark then eviscerate?

Or you actually want symbols on keypress
cast eviscerate
and then have key release = marked for death

yes symbols on press, cast eviscerate, then release= marked for death

don’t think that is possible due to global cooldowns of spells

it would try to fire two spells at once. since having a spell on a key it activates on press, but you also want another spell to go off on press at same time. when released, unless you plan on holding the key, spell would not go off because you would have a global cooldown active.

you could repeat press the same button, but there is no way to insure what one would go off, and which would be inactive. but you could get all three off, at different times, in many different orders

only eviscerate is on a global cd

you would still get a random effect when pressing the button, if that is the desire then easy to write just put them gse

set first variable name it KeyPress in that box put /cast symbol of death
set second variable name it KeyRelease in that box put /cast marked for death

In gse add action block put this in it
~~ KeyPress ~~
/cast eviscerate
~~ KeyRelease ~~

Name macro and put that macro in a hot key



Talents: 2332231

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.55.

above is what you were asking for. not sure how it will work but hope it helps

thank you a ton man you rock

hope it works for you

works like a charm you are the man

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no problem glad it is working and what you were looking for

asked to do assassination rogue, any other macros people want me to work on ?

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