Looking for THE BEST Blood DK Macro rotation macro

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best advice i can give you is either find one that works the best for you and tweak it or try making your own from scratch. everybody has a macro that works best for them from which ever creator they like. the macros here are not likley to work to what you want unless you tweak it a little.

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You’re looking for a bot then. GSE will never be as precise as what you’re looking for.


Maybe i could help you out. I’m using GSE for some time now and untill S4 of Shadowlands i’ve used the one @John-Metz created. It worked very well. It has 4 Macros (one for each Covenant) and keeps your rotation going. For S4 i did some minor tweeks so Hearthstrike is used more often and Marrowrend less often. It looks like it’s working.
But all credits go to @John-Metz, since he’s the one who created the Macro in the first place.

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To be honest you are asking for the impossible here. there are numerous reasons but the major ones are:
Limitations imposed by the Rune/ Runicpower system.
Limitations imposed by Blizzard.
No character is the same.
Macros are not intelligent and instead have to try and account for every possible rotation scenario.

The 2 limitations listed above do hand in hand. in that its impossible to develop a perfect sequence.
sure in a vacuum you could have the perfect sequence of MR and HS, but once you add the rest to the macro, all those other abilities that use either RP or Runes. the complexity goes way up beyond the limitations Blzzard has put on macros.
So you have to start compromising. given the way DK resources works you soon discover its a bit of a see-saw in that if you want more of one ability, the others are reduced,
So to increase HS to do what you want. MR will suffer.
Ultimately you have to compromise and find the closest balance to what you desire,
Finally no character is the same. macros are made based on whatever the creator has, so something such as Haste can effect a cast sequence. which is why i usually put a caveat of what works for me may not work for you, and encourage you to adjust to suit.


Hello RatedKay, would you mind sharing your version on your DK macro.