Looking for updated BM M+/raid macro

I’ve been using gse for years & after season 1 DF none of the macros Ive try’d for BM are doing very well. atm I am 475 4 set doing +20s & the macros I have been using are Hit & miss when firing. has anyone found any that are working well ?

I use Gaupandas macros, clear 19-20s, heroic raid, all that jazz.
Got me KSH + AOTC.
You can find his macros on Patreon, + you can sign up for free

Mine are posted and work well for me. logs and etc are included in the post to see how it performs, but its blue/purple parses in raid and im pushing 20+

I have been using yours the aoe is fine just burst out almost 2 mill on a rise 20 trash pull but the ST seems to stall or not fire idk.

I also haven’t found macros that spin fine all seem to crash at times and the dps isn’t as high as it should. BM seems to suffer from strange blocks, I don’t know why

Its always an option to make your own, or to troubleshoot the issues with others. the best part of this community is how open it is to people working together to create new solutions so we all have a better experience in the game. Im using a modified verson of another persons macros, but im still not happy with it and every time a new one is posted I give it a go. Keep hoping to find something better. I almost never run into locking issues though, that is strange to me, bm isnt a class that should have that. Usually that comes from creating a required block, like pre- , with an ability with a long cooldown, like beastial wrath or hunters mark. those abilities, if used in a mcaro, should be part of the rotation and not in the pre/post blocks. its not a problem ive encountered lately tho and I dont do it in my macros so i am not sure what is causing your issue.

I had been using Gaupandas macros until mid season 1 dragon flight when they just weren’t putting great dps out for me. Before that was using Bam’s & it worked great. I’m using yours atm after testing everything posted its doing better than most.

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Thanks. I have started using different talents for single target fights in raid that are giving me about a 15% dps boost over what is posted. If you do some raiding feel free to try it out. I haven’t updated the post yet because I havent done enough testing yet but it got me some nice parses on smolderon and volcoross and the like last week.

Dek's ST Talents


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I changed my talents to B0PA5ZKiUcehijAKxoiI1CP3g6AgWSAoQAAAAAAAAAAAoRESolkkQiQCaCR0SSkkEhWISA & changed my MS to 150 & everything is working better now & hitting hard.

Hey I tried out these talents and they gave me about a 5% dps boost in AOE, do you mind if I add them with credit to the main macro post?

go for it, I hit up Murloc IO to see what the talents top players are running. I’m always trying to improve my own game play