Loop Block Benefit?

With the new GSE3 I’m struggling to understand the benefit of using a loop block at all when I can just use an action block for the whole sequence? If spells cycle through, top down, then it’s working as intended without the need for a Loop Block right? Or do the action blocks outside a loop block have a greater priority for going off? So would you create your basic rotation within the loop block and have, for example, your kill shot or hammer of wrath outside of the loop block to ensure it goes off every time it’s available?

If you want a different step function, like Priority, or you want multiple loops or you want a loop within a loop then you might need a loop block. It replaces the whole PreMacro, Inner Loop, PostMacro + StepFunction mess from GSE2 that no one seemed to understand.

If you don’t need it you don’t have to use it.