Loop Sequence Macros

I am going through my tanks and making a loop sequence to handle the middle/repetitive parts of the fights. Currently I have 2 issues that I don’t how to fix.
1 - I can’t find a way to reset the macro when combat drops (there is a checkbox specifically for this purpose but it doesn’t work for me and my sequence seems to start where it left off.
2 - my DK sequence works great until I add the player target command to drop death and decay at my feet. once i added that all it would cast is DND every 15 seconds.
Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! Also if someone could point me to some new helpful tools for learning more functionality that would rock.

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/cast [mod:shift, @cursor, nochanneling] Death and Decay
/cast [mod:shift, @player] Death and Decay
/cast [mod:shift] Death and Decay

try these variations

p.s, i built a PVE macro for DK, and have gone 1670 rated solo shuffle if you need some tips :stuck_out_tongue: