Lost my saved macros


Anyone know where the marcos are saved and how to get back that file from an overwrite or loss due to updating the GSE ?


World of Warcraft(folder)>retail>WTF>Account>YOURACCOUNTNAME>SavedVariables>GSE.lua
World of Warcraft(folder)>retail>WTF>Account>YOURACCOUNTNAME>macros-cache.txt
World of Warcraft(folder)>retail>WTF>Account>YOURACCOUNTNAME>YOURSERVERNAME>YOURCHARACTERNAME>macros-cache.txt

oh…and ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR WTF FOLDER…like periodically. Especially when you’re changing UI’s.

I’m a total UI slut and am constantly trying out new and different UI’s but I always keep migrating back to MerathilisUI.

ALSO if you update to 2.6.x there is no way to revert to 2.5.11 if you don’t have a backup before you update. This was mentioned GSE 2.6.01-beta2-shadowlands

bah…so if i updated to the beta builds their gone huh.

You just need to stay on the non-shadowlands beta build however if you installed the shadowlands beta build onto retail (thank you wowup.io for that one) anything could have happened.