Low DPS Problem with 294ilevel toon

Hey, I use Gnome sequencer since the very beginning and i have an issue i tried all top macro for DK Unholly and Frost and the best i can do is 7k to 9k DPS and im lIlevel 294 i just nor understand

Yeah, GS:E isnt some magical rotation addon thats going to put you at the top of the DPS charts. Each macro here is made by a different author whose toons might not match up with yours in terms of stats and gear. You might have to write your own.


Honestly, all macros made are a base for you to use, and tweak. We try to make them as good as we can for you. But as @vince-orlando said, our toons more then likely geared differently, focused different stats then you have. And for me played differently, since I often play with my wife. The skills I see useful, may not be for you. And when I spend a ton of time doing world content, I often put cooldowns in my macros, so they are used more often and not saved for when they would be best used for others.

Sometime you need to find the best performing macro, then you need to open up GSE, Test the macro, tweak it, test it again, tweak it some more and test even more, repeat this process 100 to a 1000 times until it functions the best for you.

You still may not preform the best, and be the top of the dps charts. People that press spells when they are needed, able to adjust key stokes on the fly, will more then likely do better then you will using a macro.

I am not saying you can not be competitive, or even be the top of some dps charts, macros do not have the precision and flexibility of the top players.

If you are lucky, and a nice creator tries to help and make a macro that is working for you, but it is not where you want it to be. Make a suggestion or two to the creator on how to make it better. Most of us are more then happy to listen to suggestions on how to make it better. I encourage people to give me feed back to make my macros better.

I wish you the best of luck with your search. And if you decide to make a macro feel free to share with others. Others maybe having the same issue as you.