Lua error because of a line

anyone can help me with this one?

Message: bad argument #1 to ‘?’ (Usage: local result = C_Item.IsEquippableItem(itemInfo))
Time: Fri May 17 16:20:35 2024
Count: 52
Stack: bad argument #1 to ‘?’ (Usage: local result = C_Item.IsEquippableItem(itemInfo))
[string “=[C]”]: ?
[string “=[C]”]: in function IsEquippableItem’
[string “@Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_ChatFrameBase/Mainline/ChatFrame.lua”]:1051: in function <…AddOns/Blizzard_ChatFrameBase/Mainline/ChatFrame.lua:985>
[string “@Interface/AddOns/Blizzard_ChatFrameBase/Mainline/ChatFrame.lua”]:1278: in function ?’
I get the error when I insert this line into my macro

/castsequence [combat,target=party1,exists,nochanneling][combat,@player,nochanneling] Zenimpuls

Did you ever find the fix to this?

No, unfortunately not

Yes, but there is no known command in my macro.

/castsequence [combat,target=party1,exists,nochanneling][combat,@player,nochanneling] Zenimpuls

Actually what is it you wanna do with this line?
It looks like your telling that party1 is your target and if in combat cast a spell on your self.
But you cant attack your own party member so probably this why you get big error.
Best regards

That’s exactly the problem. You don’t know the spell and need a known for that line.

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Since you have written a macro for almost every class, you should know your way around better.
This line says… When I’m in a party, this spell should always be cast on Target1. If I’m not in a party, then it’s me.
But I have already solved the problem thanks to Timothy

Ok. Then i know. It was not an attack on your macro line, was trying to understand that line but obviously i did not have a clue lol.
Nice you found the issue :+1:
Best regards