Lunar rotation,

i searched around tested out some macro’s then changed the macro to determined when your in Lunar or Solar.

when you press this macro it will decide on what spell to cast depending on your Lunar/Solar

i thought i would share something here as my first post as im not currently playing an moonkin anymore it was tested when i was dualboxing on a level 20 druid

So this is how it works
The Premacro will put you in attack mode and activate moonkin form. when your target is dead you switch to new target.

the macro decides what castsequence to use when it activates either moonfire or sunfire, the other castsequence wont inturupt your correct lunar rotation, something i thought was quite unique

every time you switch target you reaply your Moon/sunfire then start to cast the most powerfull cast of your current state of Lunar/Solar.

Starsurge is included also.

so here you go

Sequences['boomst'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/use [noform]!Moonkin Form
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
"/castsequence reset=target Sunfire(Solar),Wrath(Solar),Wrath(Solar),Wrath(Solar)",
"/castsequence reset=target Moonfire(Lunar),Moonfire(Lunar),Starfire(Lunar),Starfire(Lunar)",
"/cast Starsurge(Lunar and Solar)",
PostMacro = [[

I will give it a test and will get back with you on results tks for shareing!!!

It’s working nice for me ! Thank you very much!

it works okay yes, i done some more testing whilst not duel boxing and realised it doesnt provide the best dps for the rotation found here Lunar/solar rotation

But im sure this works just fine for dual boxers who just want a 1 button macro