M+_Borland1891_Guardian AIO

Hello. This is my take on Guardian. I make it so no mods is in and this is alot auto but only big cooldowns that is needed. Ursoc i have in macro.
This is made for M+ and its for AIO usage, all the lazy and also ppl with difficulties like me so try and let me know what you think.




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.69-PatronBuild.

This is 2 min on cleave dummies with my holy crap bad geared Guardian :slight_smile:

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I’ve rather enjoyed most of your macro’s. About to give this one a hit. Thanks!

This is interestingly to simple to follow, I was able to make this a very good AIO. I changed a few talents, and change the sequence to Raze Maul Raze Maul. Disabled trinkets and ran against a few others, and so far it’s doing better.

What MS are you running it at?

100ms. You took in Maul for ST damage?
What you changed for talents because i took from UGG first one for M+

My gear is near 520 with 40% haste and 39% verse in bear form, so I’m reworking talents based on that. Let me give this a shot at 100ms. I’m at 160ms.

I’m really having some interesting results.

Yes, alternated maul and raze for boss/single target. Raze looses it’s luster when targets drop off, and maul/swipe seem to take over.

Here is how the damage stacks up on 5 minute run, no buffs except mark of the wild, trinkets disabled.
Single target hovers around 90k. That’s higher than the others I use. With buffs and trinkets I’m usually mid 150’s. Going to try that now.

I’m thinking of adding another swipe in there, and a thrash. It might help.

Shiet that is nice. I so wanna have better gear now :slight_smile:
But those changes you did with talents, what was it?
I can see Moonfire doing alot of damage and i aint seeing that in my damage. lol

Messed with both sides. Nuturing instinct give a nice boost to moonfire.

I added Maul to this build and am seeing a notable dps gain.

Where did you add Maul into the macro? Can you post?