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Title is named from a movie Last Dragon!!
Item Level 354
Using PunchKey software : MS set to 150
Ironskin brew has a 98% uptime- didnt noticed much over lapping.

This is a one Button macro with no Modifiers : purpose of Lazy Macro ( LOL ).
After reviewing several Macros posted here, and reviewing everyones wants and needs this is what i think has great potential. Have used this in Mythics and had no issues. Im still learning the class but this seems to be working pretty good.

Would like and EXPERIENCED MONK player to try this out and give some feed back on what i could do to improve this. On trash pulls of 3 to 4 burst was at 18k settling down to around 10k. Single target not so pretty but bursted 9k and settled down to 6.5k. This could also be a gear factor not sure.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.02.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Main Sequence:

Not casting Ironskin for me

i love it !!!

This is THE macro to use for Brewmaster. I used this Pre 120 and still using it at 120 now and I absolutely destroy as a tank. It blew peoples minds I was only hitting a single key to macro this. I’ve had zero issues with this macro. I can safely say, this is the macro you want above anyone else’s macro’s for brewmaster right now. I tried JM’s stuff but this one has that extra “OOMPH” with expel harm and even slips in leg sweep. If you want a full rotation and easy mode, this is it to be honest. People we’re telling me Monk tanking was the hardest tank in the game and when I told them I was using GSE and just clicking a single button. It blew them away. If you like busy body work then avoid this macro. Just my 2 cents, this author did amazing work on this one out of the 4 or so macro’s I tried on this site. This one takes the cake. Just make an Ox statue /target provoke macro which is found easily on google and your set. I seriously only press 1 key (this macro) and 2 key (ox statue /provoke) and I mass clear dungeons with zero problems. Good for folks who know their shit but don’t want Arthritis trying to play.

Have you tried this in mythics? Seems i get my butt handed to me. My stagger goes into red most packs. =/ Gonna try and put purifying on a mod instead of in the macro hopefully this helps because im loving the way i pick up agro with no issues