Mac Alternative to AHK, PK, AK, RS

What is everyone using for button spamming for macros on Macs? AutoHotKey, PunchKey, and Razer Synapse are Windows only. AutoKey is linux only it appears as whenever I try to install it, it says pyinotify is not supported on Macs. I currently use Auto Keyboard, but the offset timing does not seem to work. I set it for 250ms, but it only fires the button about 1.5 times a second. Any suggestions on getting AutoKey to run on Mac or any other suggestions for button spammers?

I’ve been using Synapse for a long time and it’s my go to.

I can’t answer your question and if you don’t get one here you might want to try the AHK Forums.

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I’m replying back here for anyone in the future that is on a Mac that runs into the same trouble I did with finding an app to do rapid fire keypress or mouse clicks with a set interval. I found the app Auto Mouse Click. It’s free and ad free as far as I can tell. It phoned home once when I accepted ToS, but hasn’t connected anywhere since.
However, the interval seems to have a slight delay. In order to get it to press a key 4 times a second (250ms like most macro authors write for), I had to set the interval to 225ms. You may have to set your interval to something different. Try 250ms, then test it with a character per second timer. You can find them easily with google. If it’s slow, lower the interval.
The app looks pretty powerful with the ability to script a series of button/mouse clicks at varying intervals or simply loop a character press like I did. Hope this helps someone in the future.

Ive tried AHK and Synapse and I love the Synapse, much easier imho

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Yeah, Synapse rocks. It’s the best out there, IMO.