Mac and macOS 13

So I am primarily a Mac gamer and the new version of the OS came out yesterday. The new version broke Logitechs G HUB that allowed me to customize my mouse for macro use. My question is are there any other programs anyone knows of that work on a Mac I can try that are similar to Logitech G HUB or Razor Synapse?

I am running Ventura MacOS on my MacStudio no problem with Logitech G Hub running fine. It has do wit h your side problem. Try uninstall and reinstall Logitech G Hub app and see if it solves your problem.


ok ill give it a try, thanks!

:+1: Good luck and you should solve your problem by now? Lemme know

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yeah it worked. I noticed Logitech released a new version so maybe I was just too fast to freak out lol