MacOs getting GSE to work 2021


Has anyone that uses a MacOs system got GSE to work? Wow Shadowlands does not recognize gse as an addon after I add it. Strangely it recognizes EMA. ANy help would be much appreciated and there was an older post about changing sequences.lua but those files do not exist in current gse.

Thank you

my friend has a Mac and GSE is working fine for, last time i checked. just asking this, so please dont take offence, is the GSE you have version 2.6.38?

Their is a program that you need to use to upload addons to MacOs wow folder just dragging them like you can on a pc doesnt work. I will provide the file name in this thread for any other MacOs users that might be in the same situation I was in. Congrats for Timothy Luke helping me!

she uses Overwolf/curseforge to get the addon. Wowup supposed to have a mac version, but it never works for her.

I am using razer keyboard with iMac and I would like how to use GSE not clicking over and over the button macro, because no autohotkey.
Is there a way?

I’m on a Mac atm exploring

I havnt installed it yet but heard it can work