Macro and class efficiency?

Which class seems to work most efficiently with the macro system in your opinion? I’ve been really impressed with how the macros work for Protection Paladin for the most part. There are still so many I haven’t played though I’d be interested to know what you guys think of other classes working with GSE. I’ve tried Rogue, and it was pretty tough to get smooth-ish. Warlock is a little heavy to work with just because of the cast times. Hunter kinda works ok, some key abilities like Cobra Shot can be tricky to fire at the right times to maximize energy use. That’s about my experience so far. I’d still be interested in what you guys have used that have seemed smooth, less hangups, most use of abilities and energy/rage/mana?

rule of thumb is, if the class has casts based off procs, its hard to optimize. the more randomness to a rotation the more difficult it gets