1. Im curious whether using a 1 button macro is a bannable offense, i have read different takes on this.

  2. is there anyway for bliz to see that u are using a macro like these if you are actually at your keyboard pressing the key

  3. as far as detection is concerned if you use a mouse where u hold down a button and it spams the assigned keyboard Key you have your macro to, can they see that you are not actually hitting your keyboard and using the mouse.

just kinda curious if anyone can answer this

no it is not bannable if you are at your keyboard however if you use 3rd party programs to do automation while you aren’t there yes you can be but it’s a slippery topic. bots are bad as to where say a razer nostromo gamepad is not kind of thing even though it does the same thing in essence as far as being at a boss and spamming but where the “auto-bot” will move and do everything for you and the gamepad will just macro spam until you toggle the key again.

Blizz and EA wont take an offical stance on this because on one hand it makes them money (macro keyboards/mice, etc) and on the other hand some want it done away with because those people see it as cheating, me personally i love them as i am disabled, partial paralysis on my right side aka only able to game with my left hand.

hello, i download lazy macro addon, but it sais, dependancy missing, and i search on curse but couldn t find any help?

as far as i know Macro Toolkit has no dependancies, thinking you pulled up the WLM plugin for Macro Bank.

heres a link to the addon.

Make no mistake, there is no guarantee you won’t be banned.

There was a ban-wave recently against players who “used means to gain an unfair advantage.” The culprit? A addon/program called PQR, which simply did your rotation for you. You still had to manually follow raid mechanies, and move your character around. And these people got banned.

One could argue, that PQR was “okay and acceptable” because it wasn’t flying around the world farming nodes and playing your character while you slept. A human being still had to be at the keyboard. It just made quality of life much better for many of us who aren’t 20 years old anymore.

That being said, I felt PQR was a little iffy, and crossed a fine line, so I didn’t use it. This ban-wave does make me worry though. “What next? 1-button super-macros? Autohotkey? Etc?”

again, bots are bad, mmk… PQR is a “rotation/priority” bot and bots are bannable i covered this in my Automation can get you banned kind of rant/babel thing i did 2 posts ago macros do not go against the ToS/ToU, we’ve had a blue response to this already and when i find it again i’ll source it they said bottom line use at your discretion.

Blizzard has been very careful to never give their blessing to various topics like autohotkey, multi-boxing progs, lazy macros, and others. These “tools” are basically on permanent probation by Blizz, and they reserve the right to decide anytime, that they are bannable.

That said, I doubt anyone will get full blown banned just for using macro toolkit. But throw in a little autohotkey (which is also technically not something people get banned for) or other tools, and one can get dangerously close to doing the exact same thing as PQR does.

TL;DR: We aren’t invincible from encountering “issues” down he road, is all I was trying to say.

Blizzard is completely ok with you using macros to do your rotation. For one they will never be as good as a skilled player doing it manually.

They have no issues as long as you are at your computer hitting 1 button over and over and over.

What they dont want is hacks. The recent bans were in response to the arena kick bot/hack. What that was, was a hack that the a person would having running while doing everything else but would detect a certain spell and then stop then interupt that cast. Part of arena play is to “fake cast” spells. To start a spell cast then cancel it, trying to bait a failed interrupt so they can “free cast” for the duration till that interrupt comes off CD. But hat hack kicked so fast, faster than human reaction time that players that were very good at “fake casting” started to pick up on it. There are utube videos showing it happen. To do this you have to run a hack with /script command then have a bot running in the background. Im not sure if anyone knows this but if you read the TOS BLizzard has the right to see what background programs you have running when playing their game and has the tech to do it.

There was another hack where mist monks could place there healing spheres.

As far as rotation macros, they are fine with it. They support it. As long as you are playing the game and hitting that one button over and over and over.

Let me clear the air because what Allen is saying is correct.

You can not be banned for using in-game tools. The API (Blizzard code) is used with addons like DBM, or even Macro Toolkit. If Blizzard banned anybody for using in-game tools, then they would have to ban everybody who uses DBM. Not feasible.

Also what you are doing is executing a macro in-game. You do not have a third party software like PQR or Jamba that is doing that for you. Controlling your rotation with a keyboard like a Razer Blackwidow or Logitecn G19 is not an offense because your are executing from in-game. If you wrote the macro out of game though, then yes you could be banned.

Nobody on this site uses PQR or Jamba like other sites use. We are a macro site, and that is all. We do not provide the tools for botting. While we might be lazy with our macros, botting is not allowed.

Sorry to stir it up, just wanting to make sure I was correctly understood. I am in full agreement with macros themselves being fine. The moment a line could be crossed, is when you start cleverly combining different things together. IE: complex macros over 255 characters and AHK at the same time.

The one reservation I do have, is with “castsequence 0,0,0,0,ability” logic. I am quite surprised Blizz hasn’t closed that hole yet. Not ban people who use it. Just remove the capability of using it. Anyhoo, have fun all :slight_smile: