Macro casts spells for wrong spec

So I’ve been using GSE on my BM Hunter for a few weeks now and I didn’t have this problem until recently. I’ve been using this particular macro for most of these weeks, and it only just started doing this: after I’ve been playing for a while, I never know when, all of a sudden the macro will start rapidly cycling through everything. I noticed that it is trying to cast abilities for Marksmanship spec like Wing Clip, Steady Shot, etc., in addition to BM spells. The thing is, I don’t play Marksmanship. This macro never did that before. When I checked the settings and I first go to the second tab, it shows a bunch of Marksmanship abilities combined with BM. If I click to tab 1 and then back to tab 2, it doesn’t show those anymore, but the macro continues to glitch out. I can’t figure out why it is changing itself.

What it shows the first time you click tab 2:

Sometimes it only has Wing Clip, sometimes it has a bunch of other Marksmanship spells.

Short Answer: its saving the base spell for your abilities which under the covers are MM abilities. When you change to BM WoW changes these base spells to the BM versions.

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Ok, that sheds some light on it, but I’m still confused. I load into WoW as BM and it works fine for hours at a time, and then randomly starts acting up with MM spells. This problem has only been happening for about a week from new macros that I’ve gotten here. I removed and added one or two things, so maybe I put something in or removed something that’s causing it. How can I fix it? Thanks for taking the time to help

ITs not something that you need to fix - You /cast Steady Shot and WoW will automatically cast Cobra Shot as your BM. If you check your logs its using the right things.


Hmm…is there a reason it started happening just last week and that only certain macros do it while others are fine?

It will be tied to when you hit the save button.


Ok, I think I’ve got it now. Thanks for your help!