Macro Creators and GSE

NUFF SAID… will not say more yall judge

Really? I cant believe it took this long for macro writers to seek compensation for their macros. Where can i find them? I am willing to donate to a macro writer for all of their hard work?

STOP SIMPING WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE HIS FRIEND. Macros have always been free and that is what makes the platform great. i dont mind people like timothyluke who didn’t demand it came naturally that people wanted to support him. but this guys demands. STOP SIMPING AND SEE THAT IT IS WRONG. if you agree then you are a baboon too

I dont know the guy/girl. I have used a few of their macros and have gotten good results. If they want to charge so be it. I could cut my own lawn but I pay a guy to do that for me lol.

LOL that’s it " I have used a few of their macros and have gotten good results." just because it works for you does not justify the fact that it is not wrong in general. no point in justifying things athat are wrong to a closed -minded person. you are just like shit no matter how much perfume you put at the end of the day you are still shit.

Since it DOESNT work for you that makes it wrong? Ok …now it makes sense to me :smile:

not the macro but the system of him charging is WRONG. you baboon, LOL reading comprehension ZERO.

:rofl: I was just saying the same thing. Reading comprehension :joy: :joy:

lets keep it civil here and not get out of hand.
Ill add to this in regard to charging for macros. but honestly if that person wants to so be it i don’t care, do far it their own macro and not just ripping mine with a name change etc,

I get offered money for macros all the time and i always refuse., not out of some higher purpose
but rather i don’t want to deal with the obligation that comes with it. plus the drama of giving someone leverage should a macro not perform as they were expecting.

depending on the macro some can take hours and hours of testing and trial and error taking months before you come up with something decent so i can understand if some want to ask for compensation.
but ultimately its up to you pay if you want or come here and get more than enough for free



First of all, lets me Thank you for stepping in and handling this matter. But lets me just correct a little on this situation that I’ve been Wrongly Accusing for “demand” payment of my macros.

The True is I Do Not, people are willing to donate and become my patron of because they love my works and the quality of my macros delivered to them in form of customize as they wanted. THIS IS HOW I EARNED MY REPUTATION AND POPULARITY.

Now, if you look at the name of those accusers that targeting me. Most of them are NEW. I gave people Free Macros to Test Out before I even post them in public. So, my message to all of the haters out there. Please don’t played dirty and be civilized. Once again, Thanks @John-Metz for speaking up.

As I see, this post has been violated the Guidelines of WLM. It should be taken down and closed.

Thank you,


And this is why i work outside the “bubble” charging $ macros.

Do good in your life and then you will receive compensation.


@bebang_kabui - Typical entitled person, expecting to be spoon fed for nothing.
If someone uses THEIR time to create something that others benefit from, its actually the NORM for them to charge.
YOU should be glad so many people here give freely.



Buddy, I’ve been a Patron of Lutechi for years and I am one of the first user who here using and helping people with macros on WLM since Beefwellington was still alive. The evolution of WLM has been changed through out Time. There are old and new people come and goes, still here and Gone? But… I Never seen such Hate and Envy directly target at Me as an individual.

Where all the hates and Why or What Motives? Who knows? , but lets me tell you One Thing my friend. IF I Disagree with some regarding to different Style or Idea. I Still Don’t go On Public and Calling people Name out with all the False Accusations without Proof.

Create a FAKE name and pretend to be Someone else attacking and targeting an individual. That’s really Explain how Mature they are. In addition, It ONCE AND FOR ALL. As I am like many other macro creators and Respectful Timothy for his GSE Creation. We don’t “ Demand” Payment or Compensation for our Works. Everything is vonlunteer and donations from our Fans who admire and love our works.

As John Metz mentioned above, everything need two way to collaborate. If Our Fans don’t like ours works here. We are not Even able to contribute and distribute any Macros to them. The Bottomline is that… We don’t charge for Macros, the $$$ is come from Our Fans Willingness.

Thank you All,


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Here is what I know, you can only control yourself. You can not control what others do or don’t do. If some creators are willing to take donation, so what! Some people want to donate, good! If some people don’t want to donate, that is ok too. No one is beating on your door asking you to pay. You can only control yourself, if you don’t like the idea of creators taking money that is donated to to them, that is your choice. Don’t donate, pretty simple.

I personally don’t charge or take donations. That is MY CHOICE. Since I am not able to spend as much time making macros as I would like at times. And don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with creators that take donations, because I know the amount of work that comes with making a macro, testing a macro, revamping a macro and testing again and again. If people want to donate, THEIR own money to others that create, because they want to, that is THEIR own business. I can see people donating money to creators as an incentive for them to keep putting out more macros and updates. I can see them just giving a small thank you donation because someone else put in the work so they did not have to. That is THEIR choice.

I have had multiple people make offers to donate to me, and I have never asked, nor taken a donations, because that is MY CHOICE. Not because it is wrong, but because I know I do not have the time to be as attentive to my macros as others do. and I did not, and do not make most of my macros for others to use. I make most of my macros for my wife and myself to use and I share them with others because that is what I like to do. Not saying one way is right or wrong just the way the world turns.

As for charging for macros, I personally am ok with that too. If someone asks a creator to make a personalized macro for them, why the hell not. It is a service rendered, and if some is willing to pay to have a macro made for them, I see no issue with that either. Again it is the creator’s time and it is THEIR money.

If you don’t want to donate to a creator, fine, you may get the macro a few days later. or you can be like the thousands of others that use what is available or better yet write your own.

Their is no right or wrong here, as I see it. There is no moral higher ground. we just need to put this to a rest. If you don’t want to donate, good for you, if others want to help and show their appreciation to a creator, that is their choice. Again it is THEIR money.

I have said my piece on this.


Elfyau and timothy dont say charge for their stuff, but gets is out weeks earlier for people that do pay. why we so many “where this class’s Macro” in the WLM. Cuz the macros are locked behind the real fans wall. We are very happy to pay a small monthly fee for the right to play the new macros and GSE before everybody else and support these people that take so much real life time to get us this stuff. There is no macro creator so good that he could ask for “Pay or you dont get my stuff” cuz nobody would pay that person.

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