macro druidi balance serious?

hello.i need macro,for druid balance expert.all macro post not good .

[quote quote=26006]hello.i need macro,for druid balance expert.all macro post not good .

Dear Emanuel,

Making macro’s for “Casting” DPS’ers is really hard.
There are more things people need to keep in mind while making the Sequencer you wish for.
A well know stats that can make it very difficult is “Haste”.

A Balance druid has a Lunar and Solar Phase, and depends on the talent you choose and your personal “Haste rating” how often a spell can be cast.

The people that are trying to make this macro, can’t simply make everyone happy.
These Macros are NOT bad


Tim Roeleveld

Sequences["Boomy"] = { PreMacro = [[ /targetenemy [noharm][dead] /use [noform]!Moonkin Form ]], [[/use Draenic Intellect Potion]], [[/cast Stellar Flare]], [[/cast Starsurge]], [[/castsequence reset=25/target Moonfire]], [[/castsequence reset=25/target Sunfire]], [[/castsequence reset=20 Force of Nature]], [[/cast Starfire]], [[/cast [nochanneling] Wrath]], [[/cast Celestial Alignment]], PostMacro = [[ /startattack /cast Nature's Vigil /use [combat] 13 /use [combat] 14 /startattack /script UIErrorsFrame:Hide(); /console Sound_EnableSFX 1 ]], }

These guys do these macros as a favor to us the community, if a macro does not work as you would like then please don’t criticize the writers or call them bad, these are very very difficult to get right.

Me I can’t thank this community enough for what they have done, Im slightly disabled and without these macros would not be able to play, and more importantly, compete, in the game.

thanks again to ALL contributors both good and not so good