Macro Folder

Hey, could anyone be so kind and tell me in which folder i will find my macros please ?
I am a bit worried about, that some day the addon wont work for me and i will lose all my macros.

Edit: 2/2019 The macro folder has changed to:

C,D,Z:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft_retail_\WTF\Account\Long Number\SavedVariables

They are in the WTF/Saved Variables folder

wow, that was a instant answer ^^ Thank you Cym :slight_smile:

I live here :slight_smile:

Hey, it´s me again… Could you Cym, or anyone else be so kind and tell me the exact name of the macro folder please ?
World of Warcraft - WTF - Saved Variables. All i see there are two documents called Blizzard_console.lua and Blizzard_console.bak.
I did opened these two, but there is nothing writen inside what i would call a macro.
I installed GSE for long time ago with the twitch addon, so nothing was changed from my site. I also searched for Sequences with the windows folder search tool, but nothing.

While in the saved variable folder, look for the GSE.lua file, they will be held in lua format in that file

Nope. There is nothing else.

Here is a picture

Look inside Account folder like this:

C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account"your account name"\SavedVariables

At least thats where it is for me

Hah, i got it !! Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for Sharing, I was looking for them also! :smiley: